Lamplight Ethical Statement

As a helping practitioner committed to guiding individuals toward a peaceful and vibrant relationship with their bodies, the care and feeding of their bodies, and the rejection of oppression, my personal and professional code of ethics are informed by this mission.

I will honor your process
Each person takes a highly individual route to a healing path. I encourage you to find your own way (with a lantern illuminating the dark patches) in your own time.

I will honor your story. 
Your ancestry, race, gender identity/fluidity, culture, personhood, childhood, sexual orientation, spiritual practice, and social/political context all play significant roles in your day-to-day life as well as in your healing. 

I will honor your anger, your grief, your joy, and your confusion.
I will respect and hold space for all emotions that arise during treatment

I will honor your individuality.
I welcome your perspective and/or opinions. I recognize that every client is different and should be treated thoughtfully, as unique and separate individuals.

I will honor the relationship we build as a team.
Power imbalances and aggrandizing, guru-esque posturing are neither promoted nor tolerated; clients are encouraged to speak up, disagree, correct, and report if necessary.