<— Me

I’m here, and perhaps you’re here, for one pretty simple and terribly complicated reason: I need to know that I belong.

Belonging, to me, is both a feeling and a faith; there’s an intentional space for you in the world and you intentionally and unabashedly claim that space. It’s love, and freedom, and pleasure. 

I’m Meg Bradbury, CBTP, RYT-200, CNE. I’m a certified Body Trust® provider, certified Accessible Yoga® teacher, certified holistic nutritionist, folk herbalist, and kitchen reveler. I help people re-learn body trust and belonging after a long or short time away from them.  Together we’ll talk about food, movement, stillness, embodiment, community, cooking, belonging, breath. I am an eating disorder survivor and former compulsive exerciser: I get you.

When I was sick I used to run alone, all hours of the day and night. In the dark silence of pre-dawn mornings, I loved passing houses that were bathed in warm light. The notion of home, safety, family and belonging made me feel, if for one second, home, safe, loved.

Welcome to Lamplight. I’m so glad you’re here. 

Photography: Khali MacIntyre @khalimacintyre * Illustration: Jaime Hernandez