Stuff I Do

Body Acceptance


 It can be hard to imagine even one day free from body checking, food policing, mirror dread, scale shame—but with support, that day will stretch into another, and another. And you’ll trust again. And that list of expected behaviors up there? Fuck ‘em.


Whole Self Nutrition

Nutrition and health are not only about food and exercise. Just as important are the nourishing practices of sleep, movement, time outdoors/in nature, community and friends, creativity, stillness/breath, pleasure. Pleasure of all kinds, including food. Food is pleasure and survival but many of us fear so many aspects of food and eating. Together we can, without a single plan, number, restriction, or morality, redefine your definition of nutrition and health and look at ways of bringing the beautiful aspects of cooking and eating into—or back into—your life.


Herbal Support

Besides being one of our main sources of food, plants have spent centuries teaching us their healing powers. Using accessible herbs and simple, traditional formulas, specific plants can help balance out your trust work through support of hormonal changes, sleep wonkiness/dream work, anxiety, and/or metabolic/digestive function.

Loving Community

Community is the calling card of Lamplight. Body Trust work is best done together. Our small group gatherings offer camaraderie, understanding, support, listening, and love. Diet culture and disordered eating/eating disorders aim to steal relationships from us; isolation is a powerful tool of oppression. Sitting in the collective light of friends, though: absolute magic.