Your Body is Your Body

Contrary to popular belief, your body is unique, dynamic, unrepeatable. All human beings are not meant to be the same. Before you were born, many expressions of your body--size and shape among them--were already determined (set point, yo); your body will fight hard to maintain its natural state no matter what it is put through otherwise. Like diets. Restriction. Compensatory exercise. Self loathing. Isolation. We all know the drill; we’re encouraged to live it and accept it. But we don’t have to. 




Your Body Loves Food

Food is how your body functions, grows, develops, changes, ages, moves, thinks, plays, works, and lives. Food is how human beings celebrate, express love, communicate, share, gather, partner, and parent. Food is pleasure and survival. So opting out of eating diverse foods on the regular is not cool with our bodies. Shifting the emotion of eating from joy to stress is upsetting both physically and mentally. And when resenting and fearing food becomes a daily practice, our bodies reach their patience limit and go into WTF mode.


Your Body’s WTF is Incredibly Efficient

Digestion and metabolism are distinct to each of us as individuals. When we dick around with our systems in the form of calorie manipulation, restriction, meal skipping and macro management, our bodies adjust the rates at which we digest and metabolize our foods, slowing way down to keep us whole and intact. Our bodies are trying to save us from the madness of our pervasive diet culture, so eventually, each restriction, each lower calorie tweak, each “forgotten” breakfast is less inclined to result in weight loss.


Your Body Reminds You That Bread is Beautiful

When we're dieting and hungry all the time, our bodies intensify their life-saving gig. Our hunger deepens. Food tastes even better. Hormones get janky so they can focus on stabilizing our nutrition (goodbye, periods...goodbye, sex drive...goodbye, hair growth) to protect us from what’s perceived by our brain to be famine. Of course when our cultural worth is all tied up in the socially mandated concept that thin is good and anything else is bad...we "try harder" next time, and next time, and next time. The cycle continues. Often, for our entire life. 



Your Body Will Help You Break The Cycle

This is no way to live, in constant dread of your own self. When you feel done, when none of what you’ve been doing makes sense anymore, when you are tired of food rules and are sad about feeling isolated and angry that this devastating shame has been normalized, you’re on your way home. 


If you are struggling to be in your body, to accept your body, to feel good in your body today, let’s connect. Let’s find your light. Body acceptance, open nutrition, herbal support, loving community.